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New Brand of Grupo DAP
Grupo Dap SRL
Experience and Commitment
Grupo Dap SRL is an Argentine company that believes in growth and combines the entire trajectory and knowledge of a family that has spent more than 30 years in the industry in the manufacturing of its products.

From the options that the rollup blind industry offers, Dap is an intelligent choice. Specialized in manufacturing aluminum rollup blinds and high performance shutters, as well as other products such as compact cases, doors and screens, Grupo Dap is positioned as a leading company in the market.

European Technology, Argentine Industry
With advanced technologies and the best raw materials, Grupo Dap SRL combines quality, beauty and functionality in its products.

Giménez Ganga’s Spanish Winblock cases and Jolly Motor’s Italian motors are a few of the essentials in Grupo Dap’s line of products.

Besides offering a broad range of their own models, Dap is the only representative and distributor in Argentina of the Spanish firm Giménez Ganga, a giant in the world market. Foreign companies trust Dap for the distribution of their products due to the company’s guarantee of reliability and its professional staff’s complete dedication.

At present, the Italian company Jolly Motor has entrusted Grupo Dap with representing its products at the national level, a challenge that Dap assumes with the commitment and reliability that characterize a first grade company.

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